Can Statin Drugs Work Vs The Swine Flu?

Posted on December 11th, 2009 by Dr. Mercola  |  1 Comment »

It’s amazing (but not in a good way) how the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Big Pharma (big pharmaceutical companies) keep on coming up with ideas on how to fight swine flu. Their latest solution: statin drugs.

A large study involving some 2,800 people in 10 states who were confined in hospitals due to seasonal flu claims that patients who were taking statins or cholesterol-lowering drugs increased their chances of surviving compared to those who were not under such medication.

All flu types damage your body through inflammation and by causing your immune system to overreact while fighting a particular flu virus. Since statins are also used to reduce inflammation, drug companies are banking on this fact to start promoting these drugs as a possible anti-flu measure.

Previous studies found that statins can help improve survival from pneumonia, which can follow a bout with the flu, and serious bacterial infections in the bloodstream.

The CDC is now sponsoring a study to further look into the effects of statin drugs against the flu. But is this another scheme to help fatten Big Pharma’s already bloated bank account?

Statins are quite effective, Dr. Joseph Mercola concedes, but he believes that cholesterol can be lowered naturally. Statins are also quite dangerous, Dr. Mercola warns, and are treacherous because the adverse side effects are often not immediately felt.

If you’ve been taking statins in strong doses or for a long period of time, you’re exposing yourself to an increased risk of cancer and other serious conditions such as acidosis, anemia, cataracts, cognitive loss, frequent fever, liver damage, muscle tissue degeneration, neuropathy, pancreatic dysfunction, sexual dysfunction and a weakened immune system.

Mercola points out that some 900 studies have exposed the dangers of statin drugs but still, so-called health experts are saying that using cholesterol-lowering medication can be used to help fight the flu. These experts are cut from the same mold as the doctors and scientists who created the swine flu vaccine and insist that it is safe for millions of people to use.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that conventional medicine is all about developing more and more drugs and shots, supposedly, to fight and prevent sickness, while ignoring the fact that there are many health products that can be used to help you beat diseases like the flu naturally and safely.

This includes vitamin D, which is being extensively studied due to its many potential health benefits. In 2007, Dr. John Cannell, one of the world’s leading vitamin D experts, and his colleagues from the Vitamin D Council, introduced the hypothesis that the seasonal flu is a symptom of vitamin D deficiency.

Will the CDC ever sponsor a study to look into the flu-fighting properties of vitamin D and other natural health products? This remains to be seen. Prevention is still your best option and Dr. Mercola is more than willing to help you by tirelessly searching for the studies and health articles that you can trust.

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