How to Revive Your New Year’s Health Resolutions

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The only thing that is constant is change. But change is difficult.

Did you, like millions of people around the world, make resolutions on the first day of January? Have you stuck with your New Year’s resolutions or are you just about ready to give up?

Because many view resolutions as additional pressure to their already stressful lives, many people abandon their resolutions by February or March. Some resolutions don’t even last the first week of January.

Are your resolutions too unrealistic, Dr. Joseph Mercola asks? Maybe you were thinking of running for 10 kilometers each day when you haven’t taken a long walk in ages. Or going from a pack of cigarettes per day to zero sticks.

Don’t beat yourself up if you blow one or two resolutions, or even your entire list – that won’t accomplish anything. What’s important is never giving up. Give yourself a second chance to keep your resolutions alive.

You can make the decision to take control of your health at any point in the year. Just because it’s already March and not the first of January doesn’t make it any less fitting to decide to make that healthy change. Here are Dr. Mercola’s tips to help you get back on track with your resolutions:

•    Start small
It’s good to aim for a major and radical change but remember that the road to that big accomplishment starts with small and achievable goals.

•    Learn from your mistakes
Always look at failure as an opportunity to learn how to succeed, Mercola advises. Look back at what caused you to blow the resolution and the things that were working for you up to that point.

•    Use the disappointment and pain of failure to succeed
Think back to how bad you felt when you failed when you feel feel like you’re about to blow your resolution or goal. Afterward, focus on the good feelings you’ve had at the end of each successful day.

•    Reignite your motivation
Go back to why you made the resolution in the first place – because you wanted to achieve something. Ask yourself how much do you really want this change to happen. Stoke that fire in your belly by encouraging yourself and reinforcing your motivation.

•    Put it in writing
Make you resolution part of your daily routine. Put it in your daily planner and set aside any amount of time on a daily or weekly basis to devote to the accomplishment of the resolution.

•    Find an accountability partner
Get support from your partner, a family member or a close friend who are invested in the success of your resolution. Work out a way for them to check up on your progress. An accountability partner will share your successes, help you analyze failures, and be your constant source of motivation.

Some of the most victorious people in history are those who also made the biggest mistakes. Stick with your resolutions to take control of your health and your life.

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