How Social Networking Sites Can Help You Get Healthy

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The Internet has come a long way from the time MIT first proposed a global network of computers in the 1960s. There are now more than 1.5 billion Internet users around the world, going online for information, communication, business, social networking and other purposes.

Internet users have ranked the Web as a more important information source than books, print media, radio and television.

Finding quality health information online can be a major challenge, which is one of the reasons why Dr. Joseph Mercola decided to devote his time providing factual medical and health articles, share his natural medicine-oriented commentary, and let the visitors and subscribers of his leading natural health website,, sort out the truth for themselves.

Dr. Mercola been a computer hobbyist since 1985 and first developed an interest in the Internet during the early 1990s. When he is not evaluating health products and looking for ways to help you get healthy, he usually goes online to browse the Web, and that includes maintain accounts in social networking sites. Yes, even doctors can get the social networking bug.

How social networking sites took off this past decade is nothing short of amazing. started the trend in 1995. The torch was passed to Friendster (2002), MySpace (2003), Facebook (2004) and now, Twitter (originally launched as Twttr in 2006).

Recognizing the impact of social networking and its amazing potential to educate people about improving their health, Mercola joined the bandwagon to show that being health conscious can be fun and exciting.

Connect with Dr. Mercola on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Eons to become part of a community of like-minded individuals – people who are passionate about their health and helping others get healthy.

Whether you’re facing health challenges or simply looking for ways to help you live a healthy lifestyle, joining the online Mercola community will give you the opportunity to meet people, including health professionals, who can help you deal with the simplest to the most pressing health concerns.

Dr. Mercola is currently developing a new social network feature on his website which will help users get quick answers to their questions. Become part of the Mercola community now to take advantage of this feature in the future. If you’re already a Mercola member, watch this video to learn more about how you can benefit from social networking.

This is the 21st century. Doctors have come a long way from just seeing patients in their clinics. Be part of the social network which can help you take control of your health.

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