Dr. Mercola Discusses the Flaws of Forks Over Knives

Posted on October 28th, 2011 by Elaine Rosales  |  20 Comments »

vegetarian dietDocumentaries like Sweet Misery and Fast Food Nation are insightful films that dissect dietary dogmas to help people understand how a healthy diet benefits their overall well-being. However, the documentary Forks Over Knives may not provide you the same healthy insights. Dr. Joseph Mercola says that the documentary – although made with the best intentions at heart – is sending a message that may potentially damage people’s health and contribute to chronic disease.

According to the film’s official website:

“Forks Over Knives examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods. (link)”

You Cannot Be Optimally Healthy Without Animal-Based Foods

Dr. Mercola says he completely agrees with rejecting processed foods from your diet, as these can have dire effects on your health. However, rejecting all animal-based foods may put many people at risk of long-term health complications, because they are missing out on crucial nutrients and healthy fats.

Your body needs nutrients from animal-based foods. This doesn’t necessarily mean “meat,” though, because not everyone needs to eat meat to stay healthy. There are other healthy sources of animal-based foods you can include to your diet, like raw dairy products, free-range eggs or even omega-3 fats from krill. These can suit people who have a more or philosophical objection to meat consumption.

The China Study is NOT as Credible as It Seems

The book The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell was given a lot of focus in Forks Over Knives. Many strict vegetarians and vegans revere this literary work, believing that it is “authoritative proof” that meat consumption is “harmful.” However, Dr. Mercola says The China Study has many major flaws. For starters, it is not a study but a comprehensive set of observations. This means Campbell did not test his theory on real patients, and his assertions that animal protein should be avoided are not as credible as they seem.

Dr. Mercola became more convinced that Campbell’s study was not as reliable as it seems when he noticed that many of the patients he was treating failed to improve after he had implemented a vegetarian or vegan diet. His findings were similar to that of Dr. Michael R. Eades (whom he has never met), a practitioner of nutritional and metabolic medicine since 1986 (visit his website here).

Read this article from Dr. Mercola about the flaws of The China Study.

How to Make a Plant-Based Diet Optimally Healthy

Forks Over Knives does not use the term “vegetarian” or “vegan.” Instead, it uses “plant-based diet,” which makes it appealing to a broader audience while avoiding stereotypes associated with the more common terms.

It’s true that eating vegetables in place of fast food and junk food will improve your health. Plant-based foods like organic, raw vegetables are a great source of nutrition, and are preferable to grain and sugar-filled products. In fact, Dr. Mercola recommends you try vegetable juicing as a way of getting more plant-based foods in your daily meals. However, he says you should still eat foods that will provide your body with animal-based foods that contain vitamin B12, valuable saturated fats, sulfur, and animal-based omega-3.

The Bottom Line: Listen to Your Body

Dr. Mercola says that the most important thing you should remember is to listen to your body and evaluate its responses to the food that you take. If your current diet gives you the highest level of energy and fitness, and that you feel hungry or crave sweets rarely, then it means you are consuming foods that suit your Nutritional Type.

On the other hand, if you follow a diet that limits animal protein and you feel its negative impact on your health, then consider changing your diet to include some animal proteins.

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Responses to “Dr. Mercola Discusses the Flaws of Forks Over Knives”

  1. Raini Spatziani says on :

    I started the Rave Diet & Lifestyle 18 months ago and my health is great! It is the first diet that has lowered my cholesterol. I have been informed over the years that my cholesterol was hereditary and that I should try diet and exercise. When that did not work I was informed that I should take a low dose statin drug so that I could decrease the potentiality of having a heart attack or stroke. I refused the statin drug and started on the Rave Diet. It seems to be similar to “Forks Over Knives” but would appreciate your opinion.

    Kind regards,
    Raini Spatziani

  2. sara says on :

    disagree, respectfully. i am in great shape, work out regularly, and eat an exceptionally well balanced diet. i saw this dvd, forks over knives, and decided to give it a go. my energy level is AMAZING (although previously i thought it was amazing, i had no idea what ‘amazing’ could really mean) – i dropped the last 10 pounds since having my five kids that i could never seem to get rid of, and the oddest thing is this: I have had a small palpable cyst behind my left eyebrow for QUITE some time. my MD recommended surgical removal. my nutritionist friend said ‘cut out sugar’. i just kept ignoring it. after just three days on the FOK plan, the cyst has gone from ‘visible to others’ to ‘barely felt by me’ and after several weeks vanished completely. also? i had my blood drawn at the beginning of my self-study. after three weeks, i had a re-draw. my cholesterol levels, while previously in the normal range are now a much lower end of normal; and i’d say thats a good thing.

  3. Ruth Hostetler says on :

    I read where you stated all chronic health issues stem from stomach inflammation. Where would I go to read more about this and how to address my symptoms? I have had sensitivities/food allergies all my life..actually came into the world with eczema and allergies.

  4. Lexi says on :

    Sara, there is a known honeymoon phase of being vegtarian/vegan this can last a few weeks, months or year. Most people at some point become worse off than before after following such an eating plan. The end result is vegetarian type diets are good for temporary type “cleanse or detox” but not for long term health.

  5. Nelson says on :

    We have are on a plat/fruit whole grain eating plan. I do not have any migrane issues (had them since I was a child) and my seasonal allergies that were nagging my system for 17 years have disappeared. My wife and my 3 girls are on the same lifestyle change. Almond milk is the staple and we will consume organic eggs once per month. My wife and I are looking younger and l have lost 15lbs without trying; weight loss is just a by-product. I believe that you should listen to your body. If you crave meat or animal derived products, ensure they are the raw type. Grass feed beef without any antibiotics or added hormones. Milk should also be raw, unpasturized and non homogenized. Animals have enough natural hormones running through their systems as it is.

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